Sequence of Learning

Constructivist Approaches - Scaffolding Learning - Instructional Technologies
Inquiry Based Learning
Contemporary toolsplanning.jpg
Create a Concept Map or KWLH planning ideas and needs for your Inquiry
KWLH CREATOR ONLINECreate a KWL Use a Jigsaw tool to outline ideas Use to create collaborative questions and focus.
Use the Lotus to outline ideas and sub areas to investigate.
View a video and formulate responses and ideas.
Use www.wordle.netor to create Word Clouds for the vocabulary of the unit - these can be uploaded to the online tol eg. Wiki or Blog
Tuning In

Interactive Experiences
Find Interactives to provide learning experiences and use FUSE, SCOOTLE and SEARCH ENGINES to find and provide these experiences.
Utilise IPAD Apps that are available for use at each stage of the Inquiry.
Blooms Taxonomy for IPADS
Wiki on APPS
Apps in Education
Apps Review Site

PowerPoint Slide OR Publisher Learning Journal to prepare the sections of the Inquiry and to add the data and information located and to track the learning journey.
Finding Out
And Sorting Out

Investigation for your Unit
Investigate Websites

Use Web 2.0 sites to gather data and test ideas. - Create a Poll to ascertain interest, feelings, support etc for an idea.
ProProfs Tools - Quiz, Survey and Flash Cards

Interview Design
Design/Presentaion Tools
Going Further

Recycling and Human Impact
Investigate a


Making Conclusions and Taking Action

You will need to outline ways we can help sustain our natural wetlands with an Action Plan for your school. Publish this for the school to see and contribute ideas. Rubric